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Европейский Симпозиум Аюрведы

Дорогие друзья, с 8 по 14 сентября 2012 года в Германии состоится 14 международный симпозиум Аюрведы. Его организовывает Европейская академия аюрведы
Симпозиум проходит на Английском языке
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Dear friends of Ayurveda,
on 8th and 9th September 2012 Ayurveda experts will meet in Birstein, Germany, at the
14th International Ayurveda Symposium
supported by the Embassy of India as part of the program Days of India – 60 years of diplomatic relation between India and Germany.
Today, we cordially invite you to join the community of renowned scientists, Ayurvedic professors and doctors from India and Europe at this unique congress. More than 30 lectures, workshops and inspiring panel discussions will examine the following topics:
  • Ayurveda and lifestyle management
  • Oncology and research
  • Agni, ama, ojas — guidelines for a healthy metabolism
Among the lectures of the Symposium 2012 are:
  • Understanding Ojas in relation to diseases and their management with Prof. S. N. Gupta MD (Ayu)
  • The Ayurvedic way to enjoy better sleep for a healthy lifestyle with Prof. Dr. Abhimanyu Kumar MD (Ayu) MSc (Psych)
  • Cancer can be healed — Experiences from ayurvedic practice with a special emphasis on Leukemia with Vaidya Balendu Prakash BAMS
  • Complementary medical approach to the treatment of Multiple Sklerosis with Prof. Dr. Horst Przuntek
  • Rasayanas in everyday life – arrangements for more immunity, energy and mental resilience with Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan BSAM MBBS MD (Ayu)
  • A Place in in Oncogenesis for the Ayurvedic concepts of Agni, Ama and Ojas – a genome biologist’s perspective with Dr. Madan Thangavelu PhD
  • Pharmaceutics and therapeutics of regular home remedies to manage and monitor lifestyle disorders with Dr. Anand Chaudhary MD (Ayu) PhD
  • Svastavritta in stress management — daily routine and health care in tune with nature and individual with Prof. G. G. Gangadharan MD (Ayu)
Research Satellite Symposium – Ayurveda in research and science
9th September 2012, 2.15 pm
Four selected international researchers will present their new insights in Ayurvedic therapies and will give an overview of current scientific projects:
  • Current status of research and trends in research in Europe and the U. S., Dr. med. Christian Kessler
  • Research on Ayurveda in India – current status and perspectives, Ram Manohar MD (Ayu)
  • The role of Pippali in the management of Rheumatoid arthritis — an observational study, Kalapi Patel MD (Ayu)
  • Ayurvedic therapy in chronic migraine – new findings, Dr. med. Antonio Morandi
Be part of the 14th International Ayurveda Symposium thus spreading the knowledge on Traditional Indian Medicine throughout Europe. Benefit from valuable information for your own work and strengthen your network with fellow Ayurveda specialists.
If you need any assistance regarding your registration or travel arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking very forward to welcoming you again in Germany.
With warm regards,
Mark Rosenberg
European Academy for Ayurveda
Headquarter Germany
Forsthausstrasse 6 · 63633 Birstein (Germany)
phone 0049-6054-9131-0 · fax 0049-6054-9131-36
Registered in Gelnhausen, HRB 12226
Ayurveda-Symposium Coordinator 2012
Win Silvester

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